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Saturday, February 9, 2013

37 weeks

Well here I am behind yet again, but I feel like this week has been so busy!!!!  Baby Adrian is fully developed now and trust me, she can come any time now :) She is the size of winter melon and is gaining about 1/2 a lb a week until she decides she is ready to meet us all.

The nesting definitely set in around Saturday last week,  I had my poor husband packing up boxes and organizing as much as he could in our tiny space, renting a rug doctor to clean the carpets, and just overall picking up while I was at work.  I then spent my Monday off cleaning like a mad women.  Baseboards are vacuumed,  cabinets scrubbed, everything dusted, and all clothes are clean!  I even finished the baby bedding whoo hooo!!!!!!  Everything has been checked off the registry, so I am definitely ready for her to be here!

This week I had been feeling lots of pressure and tightness in my belly, so I finally called the doctor and im definitely in the very early signs of labor, just my contractions are not in a pattern.  The doctor checked me and I'm 1-2 cm dilated .. not much but hey its better than a big fat 0!  Thursday at work I just didn't feel so hot, overall I just felt like I was about to start my period, then woke up Friday feeling the same way.  I called my mom and asked if she remembered feeling this way, and her voice got a little higher and she said "ohhh Amanda this baby is coming so soon!". HALLELUJAH !!!!  My mom said she definitely remembers feeling that way and around a week later my brother was born. So yesterday I  decided to walk the mall (hoping this would kick start something)  and I had to get something to wear to my works award banquet.  I walked the mall and after about 2 hours I decided to head home.  WARNING  if you are man just stop reading...  I came home, went to the potty, and noticed my plug came out! WHOO HOOO!  This is another good sign that my cervix is getting ready and starting to open up!  I have continued to have contractions for the past few days off and on, but I really haven't worried about them since its not a pattern and they haven't brought me to my knees. 

My mom has been guessing all along that Adrian is going to be our sweet valentine baby, and I really do hope so!  I will have Justin take a picture tonight of my enormous belly before the banquet and we will post it very soon!!!!

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