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Monday, September 23, 2013

Birth story part 2

I cannot believe almost 7 months have passed since Adrian was born!  I know I stopped her birth story before I even was checked into the hospital and I have finally found the time to go at it again!!!

I want to get the memory down sooner than later because all the tiny details I know will fade as life goes on....

On my way to Labor and Delivery to check in I begin texting my sister in law frantically!  Luckily she works in postpartum and  walked over to L&D to help me get all signed in.  I had also spoken to my mom who was probably driving like a mad women in Atlanta to get to the hospital.  Luckily, she arrived very shortly after I was checked into my 1st room.  yes I said 1st room, I will go through 4 rooms during my stay :)  

At first I was admitted to a pre-labor room where they just wanted to re-check blood pressure and to listen to the baby.  Well it just so happens the equipment in the 1st room they checked me into was not working, so down the hall I went to a second room!  The second room was also having computer issues, so here comes IT at the hospital to help out... I think he was more freaked out thinking a baby was going to pop out than working on the computer.  He had the issue fixed in record time. haha.  Now I was all hooked up to machines and checking my vitals and babies, we were just waiting on Dr Combs to come down and let me know how delivery was going to go.  My husband arrived shortly after I was all settled into room #2.  We chatted and cut up waiting on news from the doctor.  My mom went and got Chick fil a for dinner :)  

Dr Combs called down to the nurses station and said at 5:00pm she would like to start cervidil to hopefully start the labor!  The nurse came in to insert the cervidil, my mom and husband stepped outside to make room (this room was tiny), but as soon as she went to check me and baby before beginning she could not find Adrian's heartbeat.  She had me toss and turn and was moving the sensor all over my belly to find Adrian's heart beat.  Before I knew what was going on she was pressing the nurse button on the bed and yelling for help through it.  She flipped on a flashing light outside the door and 4 nurses came sprinting.  She made the bed lay flat and had me hooked to oxygen faster than I could ask a single question of what was happening.  Nurses were hooking up IVs to me while others were checking my belly.  My eyes began to water as I tried to drown out the voices of the nurses and listen in to wooshing sound of a baby heartbeat.  My husband came running in the room and stood by me. I could see in his eyes he was so nervous but kept telling me everything is ok on repeat.  The nurses soon found Adrian's heartbeat and she was doing great.  I took a deep  breath and was glad we were all ok.  

The nurse called back to my doctor and told her what was going on. Dr Combs decided not to use the cervidil, worried it might effect Adrian in some way.  This is when panic began to set in with me.  I had this huge plan that all this was going to happen on my body's terms and not be medically induced.  Luckily the teacher of my birth class was there on the wing and actually stopped by to chat with me.  We went over what was happening and she let me know that medically the baby had to come, but there are ways to reduce the number of interventions to make labor and delivery happen.  After speaking with the teacher my mind settled and I wanted to speak to Dr Combs about what was going to happen.  Dr Combs came up and we had a quick chat about how birth plans are just that.... plans, but not all plans happen as we would like.  She was nervous about starting cervidil again and said I would be put on pitocin at 2am to get labor started.  Due to my health, Adrian had to be born, and they were not going to let me out of the hospital with her still in my belly!

Justin and I made plans with my mom about how to get the dogs to her house and getting the rest of our bags at home to the hospital.  Even though my main bag was packed, I still had other things sitting around the house that I wanted to pack on "d-day".  Justin ran home and met with my dad so he could take the dogs with him.  Justin rounded up his stuff for his stay at the hospital and then he was back with me.  

We tried to rest, but my mind would not.  I think I nodded in and out of sleep, but kept whispering to Justin asking if he was awake.  I asked the nurse to come and get me around 1:30 so I could jump in the shower before we moved down to the labor room (room #3).  I think as soon as I started to really sleep she walked in to wake me to get ready.  

After getting a shower and rounding up our stuff we moved down to Labor room #10.  The nurse said she would be starting pitocin and every hour she would bump up the dose.  I believe you start at like 2 and go up to 20.  Around 2:30am we had pitocin going, but then around 3:00 the nurse came in and said she was not seeing Adrian's heartbeat on the monitor.  She had me turn from side to side and eventually found her heartbeat.  She spoke with Dr Combs who was on call that night and told her Adrian's heart beat had dropped greatly.  I believe it was down to around 60 beats a min!!!  Dr Combs told her to stop pit and she would be in at 6:00 for shift change to figure out what was going on. 

As soon as pit was turned off Adrian's heartbeat came back and everything was fine.  The nurse told us to get some rest and at 6:00am Dr Combs would be in.

I mean do you think I could possibly  rest after the day yesterday and the evening!??!  Now we just waited dozing in and out for 6 am.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Adrian's birth story part 1

I was so happy to be off work and just relax until Adrian decided it was time for her to enter the world. I spent my week just laying on the couch and finishing all my final touches I felt I needed to do before her arrival.  I definitely needed the time off for myself because I was really starting to just be angry to be so pregnant and uncomfortable.  Going into work each week and people making comment such as "dang you didn't have that baby over the weekend" or " man your belly is HUGE".  I know I work with a bunch of men and they are most of the time just clueless that those comments shouldn't be said, but it was really starting to wear me down.

I just knew me relaxing at home would surely make my body ready to go into labor (and all the ridiculous wives tales I tried), but Wednesday February 27th came and it was time for my 40 week doctor appointment.  The doctor and I would discuss how long I wanted to wait to be induced and also strip my membranes to possibly help me go into labor naturally.  

My mom, husband, and sister in law were all waiting on the results of this appointment day... I waited in the patient room so patiently rubbing my belly and wishing that this would all be over soon,  alligator tears came down my face just wishing I wasn't at this appointment and how I just knew my labor and delivery would be nothing like I had dreamed and planned.  I grabbed a magazine to read the latest stupid gossip and to pull myself together before the doctor came into the room.    I have the BEST obgyn ever and she always is so bubbly and makes me feel good about my pregnancy, she walked in and immediately made me feel ok that I was here at 40 weeks.  She asked me when I was ready for this to be over and I jokingly said that my bags were in the car, along with the car seat and that I was prepared to have this baby today.  She laughed and said she would check the schedule and see about inducing me later in the week or early the next week.  I laid down and she check to see if I had dilated any more, her response "mmmm maybe like a 2 and 60% effaced."  I could have not been more upset that I had only dilated another 1/2 cm.  I just knew me throwing myself at my husband was working and she would say I was a 3 and 80% effaced.  What a let down ( at least the husband was happy I guess)!

Dr. Combs then opened up my chart to write down how I was doing and noticed that my blood pressure that day was quite high, I didn't know because the nurse didn't make out like anything was wrong when she checked. Dr Combs checked it again in the room and said it was 150 over 90.  She made me lay fat on the table and took it again.... 150 over 100.  She left the room to go check your urine.  She quickly returned and said that I had trace amounts of protein in my urine. I had all the signs of per-eclampsia beginning.  Dr. Combs then said to me, "well good thing your bags are packed because your having a baby today!"  I think I looked at her like a dear in headlights.  I was so ready for this day, I thought, but when I realized it was all about to happen I freaked.  She told me to get dressed and call my husband so he could be on his way.  She also had me go ahead and make my way to Labor in Delivery to check in, she had called and they would be expecting me.  

I called Justin, who of course was so excited and ready to have a baby and to leave work, then texted my mom who was in a meeting.  Not one minute later she was calling me and saying she was leaving work and was on her way too. I then texted my sister in law and told her what was going on and her response was "holy crap see you soon!"  ( she works at the hospital where I delivered so it was great).  I sat at a bench in the hallway between my doctors office and the hospital entry way and called Justin back.  It was all setting in and I was really starting to get nervous.  My birth plan was definitely not this and I was very nervous that this was all going to happen with every drug that I didn't want.  Justin calmed me down and said it would all work out and that it would be a perfect day no matter how it all worked out.  He reminded me that a birth plan is just that , a plan, and things work out differently but perfectly.  I hung up with him and then headed through the hospital to L&D.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birth Plan v. Actual Birth

Through this whole pregnancy I had read and been told that I needed to come up with a birth plan, just to decide, write down, and imagine how i pictured my birth going.  During Birth class I learned to not  be too set in stone, but to just have a general plan of how it all would go.

So I sat down and typed it all out, never printed it, but just it helped me think of all the things I wanted during birth.  My birth plan was something like this...

I am planning on a natural birth, I would like to begin this process on my own and stay at home as long as possible to reduce the chances of interventions taking place.  I listed the people I would like in the room during labor and who I wanted in the room during delivery.  I only wanted my husband with me during the major contractions, but allow my mom, mother in law, and sister in law in the room during delivery.  During labor I wanted to try all methods other than interventions to help reduce the pain, such as, walking, changing positions, or a yoga ball.  I knew of the medications for pain, but if I felt that i needed them, then I would ask!  I would rather tear then have an episiotomy and I did not want forceps or a vacuum used to pull the baby out.  If I was to have a c-section because of medical reasons, I wanted to be conscious, touch my baby immediately after for skin to skin and I want to breast feed even if I need to wait until I was in recovery.  Post birth I wanted the baby placed on my chest for skin to skin contact.  I wanted Justin to cut the cord, and wanted to try breast feeding as soon as possible.

I felt very comfortable with my plan, discussed it with my husband and explained it to family, so they would know what was going to happen.  I remember waiting impatiently night after night for labor to begin on its own, but it never did. This is exactly why they say to be flexible because what you may want to happen, not always will....

I want to tell my birth story in a different post so I can give my true feelings on the best day of my life, but lets just say my actual birth did not occur like my plan listed.  Although it did not happen how I imagined it was absolutely perfect!

The only things that were different is that I had to be induced so I was given pitocin and  was in so much pain I had an epidural. But everything else happened just as I had planned and got to discuss with my nurse. The nurse knew I wanted a natural birth and we even discussed cutting off the pitocin once my water was broke and if natural labor set in.  Luckily, after my water was broken, natural labor set it and s and she did exactly what we discussed and cut it off. My biggest advise is that I would tell everyone to have a birth pan, but remember to be flexible.  Either print it out and bring it to labor and delivery or have goals and discussions with your nurse right as you get to the hospital. My nurse was an angel and truly listened to all my requests and I will always remember her and be grateful.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

39 weeks

Today marks the day of only 7 more days until Adrian's due date and only 14 more days until she will no longer be in my belly.  (medically my office doesn't want to go beyond 41 weeks)

Adrian is the size of a small watermelon, and from here on out will continue to be a watermelon that just keeps on growing... The doctor said everything is great with baby and me and she will make her arrival when she is good and ready (well no later than March 6th) .  

The past few weeks I have had plenty of braxton hicks and just keep hoping that they will start a pattern and start to hurt worse.  Yesterday the doctor stripped my membranes and I discovered that I only dilated 1/2 cm more, so I'm now a 1 1/2,  and no other effacement :(  She said there is only a 30% chance this will kick start labor and it could happen within the next 48 hours.  So I'm pretty much on edge every time a contraction happens.  After the procedure the contractions have been a little more intense, but nothing that has me saying "oh this is it!"  Me and the hubs spend the evening walking the mall and eating a spicy chicken sandwich. 

If anything I have truly enjoyed the nights of no tv and just quality time with him.  I have enjoyed walking the mall for hours and just chatting about life and how its all about to change.  We have also spent nights just sitting on the couch listening to music and just relaxing.   It has really made us step back and enjoy each other and the important things in life.  I think this time has let us understand each other better and how we will be as parents.    Its really good to know we are on the same page with life and definitely reassures me I married the perfect man for me and my future family.     

Tomorrow marks my last day of work until the first week of June.  Which is wonderful!!! I think I mentally just need a break and time to rest.  Once the baby is here my whole world is going to change and I want a couple of days to myself and relax... I know totally selfish, but hey, in 2 weeks at the most "me time" will be hard to come by.

Friday also marks my birthday! whooo whooo  Scallini's with friends to eat eggplant Parmigiana and try to make this baby come.  Here is to hoping a baby on Friday for the best birthday present I could ask for!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

38 weeks

Here I am at 38 weeks and 1 day, wishing I was holding my baby instead of carrying her in my belly. I had my weekly check up yesterday and I am still at the same dilation but around 50% effaced. I guess its a little better than last week, and I spoke with my doctor about stripping my membranes next week. She said it has around 30% change of making you go into labor, so lets pray I'm in that 30%. For those of you that don't know "stripping of the membranes" is simply a little more aggressive cervix check where she separates the bag of water from the cervix. It is pretty much agitating the cervix and trying to get things going up in there. Its pretty painless and just a way to hopefully help me not go past my due date. I honestly don't think I can 3 to 4 more weeks of this!!!!

Thank God for a wonderful husband because he seems to be able to get me to calm down when I feel like I cannot deal with being pregnant and the constant questions. I am finding myself more emotional and hormonal at the end of the pregnancy than I have felt all along. I know everyone is so excited and is anxiously awaiting her arrival, but trust me, I will notify the world when labor begins :)

This week Adrian is the size of a pumpkin, and trust me I feel like I have swallowed one :) People say I'm pretty lucky to be all belly, but it is quite painful on my pelvis and back. Laying down in bed is quite a workout to get in a comfortable position to actually fall asleep, well until I have to pee for the 10th time.

I just keep trying to keep up a positive attitude because I can still remember the countless nights of just wanting to be pregnant. I know I only have a couple more weeks and my whole world is going to change and I need to enjoy these last few weeks of just me and my husband with quiet nights, but I am so so so excited and ready.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

the bump from the beginning to now

I thought it would be fun to compare the bump from the beginning to know since she is full term this week.... I know we missed a few weeks but still wow look at that belly grow!!!!

37 weeks

Well here I am behind yet again, but I feel like this week has been so busy!!!!  Baby Adrian is fully developed now and trust me, she can come any time now :) She is the size of winter melon and is gaining about 1/2 a lb a week until she decides she is ready to meet us all.

The nesting definitely set in around Saturday last week,  I had my poor husband packing up boxes and organizing as much as he could in our tiny space, renting a rug doctor to clean the carpets, and just overall picking up while I was at work.  I then spent my Monday off cleaning like a mad women.  Baseboards are vacuumed,  cabinets scrubbed, everything dusted, and all clothes are clean!  I even finished the baby bedding whoo hooo!!!!!!  Everything has been checked off the registry, so I am definitely ready for her to be here!

This week I had been feeling lots of pressure and tightness in my belly, so I finally called the doctor and im definitely in the very early signs of labor, just my contractions are not in a pattern.  The doctor checked me and I'm 1-2 cm dilated .. not much but hey its better than a big fat 0!  Thursday at work I just didn't feel so hot, overall I just felt like I was about to start my period, then woke up Friday feeling the same way.  I called my mom and asked if she remembered feeling this way, and her voice got a little higher and she said "ohhh Amanda this baby is coming so soon!". HALLELUJAH !!!!  My mom said she definitely remembers feeling that way and around a week later my brother was born. So yesterday I  decided to walk the mall (hoping this would kick start something)  and I had to get something to wear to my works award banquet.  I walked the mall and after about 2 hours I decided to head home.  WARNING  if you are man just stop reading...  I came home, went to the potty, and noticed my plug came out! WHOO HOOO!  This is another good sign that my cervix is getting ready and starting to open up!  I have continued to have contractions for the past few days off and on, but I really haven't worried about them since its not a pattern and they haven't brought me to my knees. 

My mom has been guessing all along that Adrian is going to be our sweet valentine baby, and I really do hope so!  I will have Justin take a picture tonight of my enormous belly before the banquet and we will post it very soon!!!!