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Thursday, February 14, 2013

38 weeks

Here I am at 38 weeks and 1 day, wishing I was holding my baby instead of carrying her in my belly. I had my weekly check up yesterday and I am still at the same dilation but around 50% effaced. I guess its a little better than last week, and I spoke with my doctor about stripping my membranes next week. She said it has around 30% change of making you go into labor, so lets pray I'm in that 30%. For those of you that don't know "stripping of the membranes" is simply a little more aggressive cervix check where she separates the bag of water from the cervix. It is pretty much agitating the cervix and trying to get things going up in there. Its pretty painless and just a way to hopefully help me not go past my due date. I honestly don't think I can 3 to 4 more weeks of this!!!!

Thank God for a wonderful husband because he seems to be able to get me to calm down when I feel like I cannot deal with being pregnant and the constant questions. I am finding myself more emotional and hormonal at the end of the pregnancy than I have felt all along. I know everyone is so excited and is anxiously awaiting her arrival, but trust me, I will notify the world when labor begins :)

This week Adrian is the size of a pumpkin, and trust me I feel like I have swallowed one :) People say I'm pretty lucky to be all belly, but it is quite painful on my pelvis and back. Laying down in bed is quite a workout to get in a comfortable position to actually fall asleep, well until I have to pee for the 10th time.

I just keep trying to keep up a positive attitude because I can still remember the countless nights of just wanting to be pregnant. I know I only have a couple more weeks and my whole world is going to change and I need to enjoy these last few weeks of just me and my husband with quiet nights, but I am so so so excited and ready.

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