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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

39 weeks

Today marks the day of only 7 more days until Adrian's due date and only 14 more days until she will no longer be in my belly.  (medically my office doesn't want to go beyond 41 weeks)

Adrian is the size of a small watermelon, and from here on out will continue to be a watermelon that just keeps on growing... The doctor said everything is great with baby and me and she will make her arrival when she is good and ready (well no later than March 6th) .  

The past few weeks I have had plenty of braxton hicks and just keep hoping that they will start a pattern and start to hurt worse.  Yesterday the doctor stripped my membranes and I discovered that I only dilated 1/2 cm more, so I'm now a 1 1/2,  and no other effacement :(  She said there is only a 30% chance this will kick start labor and it could happen within the next 48 hours.  So I'm pretty much on edge every time a contraction happens.  After the procedure the contractions have been a little more intense, but nothing that has me saying "oh this is it!"  Me and the hubs spend the evening walking the mall and eating a spicy chicken sandwich. 

If anything I have truly enjoyed the nights of no tv and just quality time with him.  I have enjoyed walking the mall for hours and just chatting about life and how its all about to change.  We have also spent nights just sitting on the couch listening to music and just relaxing.   It has really made us step back and enjoy each other and the important things in life.  I think this time has let us understand each other better and how we will be as parents.    Its really good to know we are on the same page with life and definitely reassures me I married the perfect man for me and my future family.     

Tomorrow marks my last day of work until the first week of June.  Which is wonderful!!! I think I mentally just need a break and time to rest.  Once the baby is here my whole world is going to change and I want a couple of days to myself and relax... I know totally selfish, but hey, in 2 weeks at the most "me time" will be hard to come by.

Friday also marks my birthday! whooo whooo  Scallini's with friends to eat eggplant Parmigiana and try to make this baby come.  Here is to hoping a baby on Friday for the best birthday present I could ask for!

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