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Monday, September 23, 2013

Birth story part 2

I cannot believe almost 7 months have passed since Adrian was born!  I know I stopped her birth story before I even was checked into the hospital and I have finally found the time to go at it again!!!

I want to get the memory down sooner than later because all the tiny details I know will fade as life goes on....

On my way to Labor and Delivery to check in I begin texting my sister in law frantically!  Luckily she works in postpartum and  walked over to L&D to help me get all signed in.  I had also spoken to my mom who was probably driving like a mad women in Atlanta to get to the hospital.  Luckily, she arrived very shortly after I was checked into my 1st room.  yes I said 1st room, I will go through 4 rooms during my stay :)  

At first I was admitted to a pre-labor room where they just wanted to re-check blood pressure and to listen to the baby.  Well it just so happens the equipment in the 1st room they checked me into was not working, so down the hall I went to a second room!  The second room was also having computer issues, so here comes IT at the hospital to help out... I think he was more freaked out thinking a baby was going to pop out than working on the computer.  He had the issue fixed in record time. haha.  Now I was all hooked up to machines and checking my vitals and babies, we were just waiting on Dr Combs to come down and let me know how delivery was going to go.  My husband arrived shortly after I was all settled into room #2.  We chatted and cut up waiting on news from the doctor.  My mom went and got Chick fil a for dinner :)  

Dr Combs called down to the nurses station and said at 5:00pm she would like to start cervidil to hopefully start the labor!  The nurse came in to insert the cervidil, my mom and husband stepped outside to make room (this room was tiny), but as soon as she went to check me and baby before beginning she could not find Adrian's heartbeat.  She had me toss and turn and was moving the sensor all over my belly to find Adrian's heart beat.  Before I knew what was going on she was pressing the nurse button on the bed and yelling for help through it.  She flipped on a flashing light outside the door and 4 nurses came sprinting.  She made the bed lay flat and had me hooked to oxygen faster than I could ask a single question of what was happening.  Nurses were hooking up IVs to me while others were checking my belly.  My eyes began to water as I tried to drown out the voices of the nurses and listen in to wooshing sound of a baby heartbeat.  My husband came running in the room and stood by me. I could see in his eyes he was so nervous but kept telling me everything is ok on repeat.  The nurses soon found Adrian's heartbeat and she was doing great.  I took a deep  breath and was glad we were all ok.  

The nurse called back to my doctor and told her what was going on. Dr Combs decided not to use the cervidil, worried it might effect Adrian in some way.  This is when panic began to set in with me.  I had this huge plan that all this was going to happen on my body's terms and not be medically induced.  Luckily the teacher of my birth class was there on the wing and actually stopped by to chat with me.  We went over what was happening and she let me know that medically the baby had to come, but there are ways to reduce the number of interventions to make labor and delivery happen.  After speaking with the teacher my mind settled and I wanted to speak to Dr Combs about what was going to happen.  Dr Combs came up and we had a quick chat about how birth plans are just that.... plans, but not all plans happen as we would like.  She was nervous about starting cervidil again and said I would be put on pitocin at 2am to get labor started.  Due to my health, Adrian had to be born, and they were not going to let me out of the hospital with her still in my belly!

Justin and I made plans with my mom about how to get the dogs to her house and getting the rest of our bags at home to the hospital.  Even though my main bag was packed, I still had other things sitting around the house that I wanted to pack on "d-day".  Justin ran home and met with my dad so he could take the dogs with him.  Justin rounded up his stuff for his stay at the hospital and then he was back with me.  

We tried to rest, but my mind would not.  I think I nodded in and out of sleep, but kept whispering to Justin asking if he was awake.  I asked the nurse to come and get me around 1:30 so I could jump in the shower before we moved down to the labor room (room #3).  I think as soon as I started to really sleep she walked in to wake me to get ready.  

After getting a shower and rounding up our stuff we moved down to Labor room #10.  The nurse said she would be starting pitocin and every hour she would bump up the dose.  I believe you start at like 2 and go up to 20.  Around 2:30am we had pitocin going, but then around 3:00 the nurse came in and said she was not seeing Adrian's heartbeat on the monitor.  She had me turn from side to side and eventually found her heartbeat.  She spoke with Dr Combs who was on call that night and told her Adrian's heart beat had dropped greatly.  I believe it was down to around 60 beats a min!!!  Dr Combs told her to stop pit and she would be in at 6:00 for shift change to figure out what was going on. 

As soon as pit was turned off Adrian's heartbeat came back and everything was fine.  The nurse told us to get some rest and at 6:00am Dr Combs would be in.

I mean do you think I could possibly  rest after the day yesterday and the evening!??!  Now we just waited dozing in and out for 6 am.

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