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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birth Plan v. Actual Birth

Through this whole pregnancy I had read and been told that I needed to come up with a birth plan, just to decide, write down, and imagine how i pictured my birth going.  During Birth class I learned to not  be too set in stone, but to just have a general plan of how it all would go.

So I sat down and typed it all out, never printed it, but just it helped me think of all the things I wanted during birth.  My birth plan was something like this...

I am planning on a natural birth, I would like to begin this process on my own and stay at home as long as possible to reduce the chances of interventions taking place.  I listed the people I would like in the room during labor and who I wanted in the room during delivery.  I only wanted my husband with me during the major contractions, but allow my mom, mother in law, and sister in law in the room during delivery.  During labor I wanted to try all methods other than interventions to help reduce the pain, such as, walking, changing positions, or a yoga ball.  I knew of the medications for pain, but if I felt that i needed them, then I would ask!  I would rather tear then have an episiotomy and I did not want forceps or a vacuum used to pull the baby out.  If I was to have a c-section because of medical reasons, I wanted to be conscious, touch my baby immediately after for skin to skin and I want to breast feed even if I need to wait until I was in recovery.  Post birth I wanted the baby placed on my chest for skin to skin contact.  I wanted Justin to cut the cord, and wanted to try breast feeding as soon as possible.

I felt very comfortable with my plan, discussed it with my husband and explained it to family, so they would know what was going to happen.  I remember waiting impatiently night after night for labor to begin on its own, but it never did. This is exactly why they say to be flexible because what you may want to happen, not always will....

I want to tell my birth story in a different post so I can give my true feelings on the best day of my life, but lets just say my actual birth did not occur like my plan listed.  Although it did not happen how I imagined it was absolutely perfect!

The only things that were different is that I had to be induced so I was given pitocin and  was in so much pain I had an epidural. But everything else happened just as I had planned and got to discuss with my nurse. The nurse knew I wanted a natural birth and we even discussed cutting off the pitocin once my water was broke and if natural labor set in.  Luckily, after my water was broken, natural labor set it and s and she did exactly what we discussed and cut it off. My biggest advise is that I would tell everyone to have a birth pan, but remember to be flexible.  Either print it out and bring it to labor and delivery or have goals and discussions with your nurse right as you get to the hospital. My nurse was an angel and truly listened to all my requests and I will always remember her and be grateful.

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